Thundering Leaves

November 06, 2008

The other night a big rainstorm hit in Seattle. After a long day working around the house and in the winery, we were relaxing in front of a rented DVD. Suddenly, it sounded like the wall behind us was being detatched from the house. A scary, non-stop, metallic thundering began. So, out in the rain we went to see if Godzilla was slamming Mothra against the house.

No Japanese monsters were destroying the house. Instead a series of items had lined up like the “build-a-better-mousetrap” game kids play. Ahead of the rainstorm, wind had blown loads of leaves off of trees. Many had landed in our gutters. Now, the gutters were jammed…and overflowing. The overflow was a waterfall landing, ironically, directly on my galvanized watering can that rested just below a rainbarrel.

In the pitch dark and dumping rain there wasn’t much opportunity to get on the roof and clear the gutters that night. But, simply moving a tiny watering can sent the battling monster sounds away.

At this point, we have managed to remove our window screens and put away many of the summer garden ornaments and furniture. But the scary, stormy night reminded me (to remind you) it’s time to get those gutters cleared and accept that winter isn’t far away.


  1. Karen says:

    We usually have that same problem during the first big rainstorm. For some reason, we remembered to do the gutter patrol a week ahead of usual and so far we’ve had no problems. I also cleaned out the gunk on the screen on top of the rain barrel, which helps keep it from over-flowing.

  2. rhaglund says:

    Good for you Karen!

    I’m always checking the rainbarrels to be sure the gunk is clear and the diverter hoses aren’t kinked. Since we put on a new roof, the screen gunk build up has been significantly reduced — except at this time of year when the leaf gunk is high and in late spring when the sun cooks the moss and it runs down the gutters.

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