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Did We Really Harvest Tomatoes in November?

June 02, 2011
Homegrown Golden & Red Tomatoes Make for a Delicious & Beautiful Sauce

Homegrown Golden & Red Tomatoes Make for a Delicious & Beautiful Sauce

Tonight’s spaghetti night at our house. When I reached into the freezer to pull out the various tomato forms I put into our recipe, I was shocked. I actually put up tomatoes in November last year! Honestly, I’d forgotten our harvest went so late. As a matter of fact, it actually froze hard in Seattle just a couple weeks after I put up this last batch of tomatoes last year. Today I find myself lucky. I may be down to our last few batches of stored 2010 tomatoes, but had the harvest not run so late last year, I’d be down to nothing.

Long Cooked Tomato Paste Ready to Freeze

Long Cooked Tomato Paste Ready to Freeze

Yes, I know I should can my tomatoes rather than freeze them. There are all sorts of concerns about freezing plastics — even plastics labelled “freezer bags” — but for the moment, freezing is what I do. That and drying. Blended together, I’m able to turn frozen tomato chunks, frozen globs of paste and pureed, reconstituted dried tomatoes into a sauce that, frankly, I want to eat year round, at least once a week.

Our November 4, 2010 Harvest Ready to Process

Our November 4, 2010 Harvest Ready to Process

Will I share the recipe? Well, that’s gonna be hard. Cooking the ingredients isn’t the tough part. Getting the right ingredients themselves, well, that’s the challenge. And, really, it’s key to making what we eat at home.

Envision procuring these simple ingredients:

  • 3 or so quarts of homegrown tomatoes (grown from seed at home then chopped fresh, frozen or home-canned.)
  • fistful of reconstituted dried paste tomatoes (again, grown from seed)
  • a few tablespoons of homemade tomato paste (um, yeah, grow the tomatoes at home, from seed)
  • fistful of homegrown basil (fresh or frozen, grown from seed)
  • Skagit River Ranch Hot Italian Sausage (available within 100 miles of Sedro-Woolly, WA)

Now, if somebody can comment here that they’ve got these ingredients, then I’ll be happy to tell you how to make our special sauce. Otherwise, what I suggest is get those tomatoes growing now. Then, in no time, you’ll be able to chime in to ask for the rest of the saucy, simmering solutions!

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