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Paste Tomatoes – Now That’s More Like It!

August 18, 2011
Saucy Paste Tomato

First Ripe Saucy Paste Tomato in 2011

It was just a week ago that I was dismayed to find my first ripening paste tomato had succumbed to blossom end rot. Fortunately, things are looking up. On that same plant, one week later, the next fruit to ripen is rot-free. And several others are close behind this first plump, red Saucy Paste.

Soon, I’ll be hauling the dehydrator up from the basement, and we’ll be grumbling about its constant whirr. But, come winter, that noise will pay off in rewards of marinara, tomato antipasti, and tomato-rich stewed meats.

Oh, and, Bonus!

The Golden Nugget cherries are ripening by the pint daily now. Although they dry pretty well, I prefer to enjoy them fresh. Warm right off the vine, there’s nothing like’m!

Oh, and for the love of cucumbers, those crazy curcurbits just keep on coming!

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