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Garden Season Extenders Galore at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

December 18, 2013

In February, Robin will be offering up her garden season extenders expertise at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show on Saturday, February 8, 2013 beginning at 9:30am on the DIY Stage. She’ll be covering everything from up-cycling trash into tiny cloches to residential greenhouses that really rock — and everything in between.

Update as of 1/30/2013: Swanson’s Nursery, Glass Gardens Northwest, and Sunshine Greenhouses have each donated season extension tools that Robin will demo and giveaway following her talk. Yep, really amazing freebies to DIY your own extended gardening season right after you leave the show!

Hoop House & Greenhouse

Join Robin at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show on Saturday, February 8th on the DIY Stage
to learn about easy to use hoop houses & greenhouses like this — plus so much more!

After learning at her talk, you’ll easily be able to go from seed (the moment her class ends) to fork before the first day of Spring. (Psst: pick up your tickets before the show opens & save on admission!)

Just imagine gardening on a timeline that yields these early and mid-season results!

Seeded Mustard in February

Robin will introduce you to lots of edibles — like Mustard — to start as early as February,
using season extending tools & techniques.

Mustard Baby Greens in March

If you seed in February & use season extenders, you’ll easily have an abundance
of young plants like these Mustards by March.

Mustards & Baby Greens Mix for a Salad

Doesn’t the sight of mixed baby greens, including this beautiful Ruby Streaks Mustard, sound delicious?
Using Robin’s tips, you’ll have these “thinning salads” in abundance before the official start of Spring!

Mustards Growing in the Garden

Not every plant sown in February will go into your March salad bowl or remain in the greenhouse.
Moved into the Earth & given just a touch of protection from hail & other spring downpours, you’ll easily have beautiful foliage filling your potager by April.

Mustard Greens & Beef Stir-Fry

By May, it’s time to harvest the last of your cool season crops like the this gorgeous Mustard seeded in February. It’s the perfect green for a delicious meal like this tasty, fast-to-prep spicy stir fry. Plus, you’ll be ready to move another round of summer edibles into the beds now emptied of Mustards.

Does the look of that stir fry have you salivating?

Join Robin for her talk on Wednesday, February 5th at the show to learn how growing this crop and cooking this recipe is all a part of her newest program, Gardening Against Diabetes. (Stay tuned for more posts on this in the coming weeks!)

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