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NW Flower & Garden Show 2016 Musts

January 22, 2016

Ahead of opening day we always map out our daily NW Flower & Garden Show musts. If you’re still not sure how you’ll spend your days at the show, here are our Top-10 musts for 2016.

    1. Fancy Fronds’ show garden entitled New York, New York. Cat Pads! on Broadway. If you haven’t seen a Fancy Fronds display at past shows, you’ve really missed out on some crazy-good fun.
      Fronderosa Frolic in the greenhouse

      A bit of whimsy at Fancy Fronds’ Fronderosa Frolic 2015. There’s bound to be more fun in their 2016 NW Flower & Garden Show display garden!

      We got a little hint at their show garden ideas last summer at their ever-popular Fronderosa Frolic fern-y goodness fair, and we’ve been excited to see it ever since. If you share your garden with cats or would like to figure out how to bring your indoor cats outside, odds are this garden will give you some great ideas. Even pros like us get stumped by kitty-cat gardening challenges. So see you there to learn & laugh!

    2. 100 Plants that Almost Changed the World seminar with 2016 show judge, award-winning horty & BBC celebrity Chris Beardshaw. It’s probably no surprise we’ve got this on the list. Get there early on Wednesday morning; his is probably going to be a standing-room-only event!
    3. Did someone say cocktails and garden in the same sentence? Yep! Once again the show is offering a gorgeous garden setting where you can take a seat, sip some wine and enjoy the spectacular show gardens all at the same time. Plus, new for 2016: they’re offering a signature cocktail that you 21+ show-goers can sip as you stroll through the gardens. Same deal with wine and beer. Plus, they promise to be stepping up the food offerings, so if you run into us and we’re a little extra giggly, don’t be terribly surprised. We’ve probably been drinking and eating with our co-horts.
    4. And, of course it would be all kinds of wrong if we didn’t attend our own events at the NW Flower & Garden Show. So, on Wednesday evening, we’ll be there when Robin shares her proven techniques for building a year-round hummingbird garden — with almost 100 gorgeous photos of plants & hummingbirds. (Yes, there will be baby hummingbird pix involved in this talk, and Robin may even bring a real hummingbird nest to share with enthusiasts after her talk.)
      Hummingbird & water feature

      Join us for Robin’s photo-packed Wednesday evening seminar on Year-round hummingbird gardens & on Friday evening where you might win some great garden tools!

      And, on Friday she’ll be sharing her top tools for beginning to advanced gardeners with tips for tired, aging bodies and loads of giveaways — including a fantastic, biodegradable, truly natural product that really stops slugs. Seriously! You want to be there.

    5. We’ve never laughed as hard or as long as we did last year during the Garden Wars at the NW Flower & Garden Show. While we prefer peace to war, this event is actually all about competitive good fun. The only bloodshed comes from the prick of a thorny rose, so gloves are recommended – at least for the players. The audience can kickback, laugh and even lunch while the hilarious battles are fought just a few feet away. Don’t expect any lulls; moderator Joe Lamp’l of Growing a Greener World TV will keep the ball rolling with his infectious humor.
    6. Whatever you do, don’t race across the Skybridge every time you cross it. Sure, we’re okay if you do the hustle your buns over it to make it our seminars – hee! hee! – but be sure to take a leisurely stroll through both aisles at some point so you can really take in all of the lovely City Living display gardens.
      Message from 2011 Skybridge garden

      The displays on the skybridge may be small, but they can be absolutely show-stopping like this one from 2011.

      On occasion, these little vignettes outdo the spectacle of the giant show gardens on the main floor. Good things really do come in small packages!

    7. On Thursday afternoon at 2:15pm you’ll probably find us seated in the Rainier room for Gardening 101: Gardening for Serenity with our very talented co-horts Jessi Bloom, Jenny Peterson & Christina Salwitz. If your life is anywhere as hectic as ours, you gotta go learn from these ladies who know how to find inner bliss outdoors — even under the most difficult circumstances.
    8. Each day of the show, we’ll be online too where we’ll tweet updates via @gardenmentor to bring the show to you anywhere you are. We’ll quote speakers and share loads of photos from the show too. Plus, we’ll be online to download speaker handouts each evening as they become available. No need to fill a bag with printed trees when we know we can download them from the NW Flower & Garden show website each evening!
    9. Can’t not shop the Funky Junk! Get there early & you will score the best of the best. Two years ago Robin landed a gorgeous vintage patio lounger by hitting the Vintage Garden Market early on day-1.
      Funky junk for garden

      Pick up lots of fun funky junk for your garden at the Vintage Garden Market at the NW Flower & Garden Show!

      She didn’t take it home until the last day of the show, and the vendor said she could have sold it 100+ times from her booth. If you happen to see another one, let us know. What we’d give to have a pair of vintage loungers on the patio next summer!

    10. We always make a stop at the Great Plant Picks booth and display to see what local horties have designated as the latest & greatest for our PacNW gardens. Plus, if history repeats itself, you may be able to grab a colorful poster or info sheet featuring lots of plant porn particular to the PacNW!


  1. Susan says:

    Looking forward to attending the show!!!

  2. We are too Susan! Hope to see you there!

  3. Donna says:

    So my creative side is impatient. Can’t wait to get inspired?

  4. Lou Carver says:

    This weekend is a time for three of us woman to meet in Seattle, fly in from Portland and Spokane, take the light rail to The Paramount and then all day Saturday at the the show, one block away. And we get to see a little bit of downtown, the Market, dinner and a movie. Girl bonding, a must do when you are in your 50s/60s and need to shake the winter blahs. (Third time we’ve done this, it may be a habit!)

  5. Lou, your NWFGS weekend sounds like fantastic fun. Enjoy!!

  6. Tom says:

    where can I buy one or two 2016 posters for the garden show ? Old senior guy in federal way

  7. Tom, try contacting the Northwest Flower & Garden Show directly for help with this: 253-238-3807 | info@gardenshow.com

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