• Hollywood Groot or Forest Groot?

    February 22, 2015

    Erase the image of Groot you have from the movies. You know, he’s the alien plant-man horties like us would love to see win an Academy Award. Instead, take a hike. Look up in a tree, and perhaps you’ll see the real Groot watching over you. I’m fairly certain that’s exactly who I spotted while hiking through Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC a few days ago. (He’s self-anthropomorphized, so don’t even start in on that, please.)

    Oscar Groot or Forest Groot?

    “We are Groot!” Could this face in a tree be the face of Groot watching a trail & grove?

    Thanks to the stranger on the trail who saw me photographing the bare Garry Oaks in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. He asked if I’d seen “the face in the tree downhill.” I hadn’t seen it, and I never would have had he not said there was a (paraphrasing) “Shakespearean face peering down from the knot of a tree.” Intrigued, I looked carefully as I retraced my steps down the trail, and sure enough, this face was hard to miss, watching over a grove of endangered Quercus garryana.

    When I saw the face, my immediate and recurring thought: “We are Groot!”

  • Free Pollinator Plants Info

    February 16, 2015

    (Update 2/23/2015: Get our FREE Pollinator Plants & Favorite Things guide to download & print here!)

    Looking for pollinator plants and other ideas for your garden to bring bees, birds, butterflies and other beneficial fauna to your garden? Curious about what it takes to be a pollinator? Just want to create a gorgeous, year ’round interest garden that might just include pollinator plants?

    Pollinator plants like erigeron attract sweat bees

    Pollinator plants like this pollen-rich fleabane attract wild Agapostemon sweat bees.

    We’ve got a number of ideas for you, and Robin will be sharing them in person on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at Seedy Saturday Victoria. And in her talk, get ready to learn about creating beautiful, functional gardens with color and interest throughout the year. Sure, she’ll talk about why and how to lure fauna to pollinate plants you eat, but she’ll also discuss great pollinator plants and other design elements that go beyond the vegetable garden.

    Can’t make it to BC for the seminar?  Pick up one of these books or DIY pollinator habitats for your garden and get started with more than just pollinator plants in your garden.

    And, be sure to read up on our most popular posts about promoting pollinators, watch video of a corpse lily being pollinated in summer and throw the bees a lifeline by adding Bee Preserver garden art to your outdoor spaces.

  • Free eBook: Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes

    February 02, 2015

    Please download our free eBook: Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes!

    Free eBook: Grow Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes

    Cover of Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes:
    Download this eBook for FREE today!

    To accompany our founder Robin’s popular seminars discussing her family’s garden-to-table transformations following a Type-2 diabetes diagnosis, we have released this free eBook, which discusses five of our favorite edible “better blood sugar” plants and how you can grow them in your garden. Plus, it serves up five of Robin’s most popular recipes to prepare from your harvest. (And by popular, we mean her family loves them as do her recipe testers!)

    This free eBook is a first in what we plan to be an on-going series sharing Robin’s exploration and cultivation of all sorts of plants beneficial for better blood sugar — or at least being studied as diabetic-friendly. We hope to share more growing tips, garden design ideas and delicious ways to prepare and preserve your new harvests. Please take an extra moment to complete our brief 10-question survey that will help us offer future publications in ways that will best serve your needs and budgets. (more…)

  • Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Top 10 Reasons to Go

    January 30, 2015

    This year’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show is – gulp! – less than two weeks away. This gate’s about to open, and I can’t wait!

    metal gate at Northwest flower and garden show

    Attend to get more than just a peek at what’s behind the
    Northwest Flower and Garden Show gates!

    You’re going, right? What? You need more convincing?

    Okay, then. Here are my top 10 reasons you gotta go to this year’s NWFGS: (more…)

  • Bees, Goats & Chickens at NWFGS

    January 09, 2015

    This week I’ve been preparing for my bee seminar at the 2015 NWFGS – that’s the Northwest Flower & Garden Show for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym. I often speak on gardening for and with bees, but this seminar is going to be particularly fun because I’m teaming up with two fantastic ladies — Jessi Bloom and Lacia Lynne Bailey — who will be following my discussion on gardening for and with bees of all kinds.

    NWFGS Speakers & Baby Goat

    NWFGS Gardening 101 Country Animals + City Gardens Speakers: Robin Haglund, Jessi Bloom & Lacia Lynne Bailey – Plus a baby Goat!

    Lacia, who is a champion breeder of milking goats, will be sharing her knowledge about keeping goats in small settings in urban and suburban gardens. Following Lacia, Free Range Chicken Gardens author Jessi will hone in on keeping chicken (and other poultry) in city gardens.

    Lacia, Jessi and I have all lived with each of these small animals at one time or other in our lives. We’ve worked with them on larger farms as well as smaller plots of land. So, join us at NWFGS and learn more fast about balancing nature by adding these domesticated fauna to the flora of your garden.

    Get tickets to NWFGS here. Once you’re in the show, there’s no extra charge for all of the fantastic seminars like ours!

    Learn about my other NWFGS seminar “Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes“.

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