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Topics in Arboriculture and Relating to Wayne and Garth

December 07, 2009

Curious about trees and want to learn a bit more? Several years ago I signed up for Topics in Arboriculture at Lake Washington Technical College and have never regretted it. I haven’t taken the ISA exams — mostly because I am so humbled by the mighty tree that I feel much like Garth when confronted with something as magnificent as a great, powerful, awe-inspiring, beautiful and perhaps even ailing tree. Sure, I enjoy trees and hope to understand them (and maybe I even worship them a bit), so at least for now, I continue to be an life-long student of arboriculture rather than a certified arborist.

Not Worthy

The knowledge I gained in this course and the relationships I built while taking it continue to be priceless. When I find myself out of my league when faced with a particular tree issue, this course gave me the skills and knowledge to first recognize my limits and second reach out to a greater network of professionals who specialize in trees.

Whether you’re sitting for the ISA exams or just want to learn more about trees and modern methodologies for working with them, this course is one not to miss!

When: Winter Quarter 2010, Tuesdays from 2-5pm beginning January 4, 2010

Where: Lake Washington Technical College, 11605-132nd Avenue, NE, Kirkland, WA 98034 425.739.8279

Course Title: Topics in Arboriculture, HORT 138 (3 credits)

Course Description: In class the students will gain an understanding of topics and issues essential to working with trees in urban landscapes. Some topics covered include tree biology, nutrition, pruning, plant health care, and soils. The ISA Arborists Certification Study Guide will be the text. This class would be helpful for anyone taking the ISA exams. ISA continuing education credits available & CPH credit available.

Registration information here

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