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  • Sighted – Naked Ladies on the Coast

    September 20, 2011
    Naked Ladies blushing pink on the Mendocino Headlands

    Naked Ladies blushing pink on the Mendocino Headlands

    Until just a few days ago, I had forgotten about how many naked ladies show up on the hillsides of the Northern California coast this time of year. Although a native of South Africa, these pink gals just love the foggy, rugged coastal region near Mendocino. Right now, the golden-grey California hillsides of late summer are punctuated with patchwork swaths of pink when these girls come up — just before fall begins. And, we were lucky enough to catch them – bare, naked and beautiful.

    In years past, I’ve been able to enjoy their rosy color in my own garden, but earlier this year, along with other toxic plants, I pulled as many as I could find. They’re poisonous, which was no good for our new pup who enjoyed sampling the flavors of any fun foliage she could find — and Amaryllis belladonna‘s straps were much too tempting this spring.

    Although our naked ladies are gone from our garden, we are enjoying other pinks this time of year. Asters, Schizostylis, Kent Beauty Oregano, Erigeron (which was also growing along the Headlands), Autumn crocus (another known as ‘Naked Lady’, apparently)  and others return each late summer to remind me that pink isn’t just a color for spring.

  • On the Road Again…

    September 08, 2011
    Redwood Forest

    California Redwood Forest

    Now that all the kids are back in school, I’m taking off on vacation. Yep, don’t bother trying to call me; I probably won’t answer. Maybe I’ll pretend my phone isn’t working, but really its quite likely that it won’t at times, especially when I’m hundreds of feet below the tops of towering, ancient trees deep in the forest where time passes much slower and leisurely than my usual rat-race pace.

    So, where am I going?

    First, I’ll be heading to NorCal by way of Portland. Highlights will include a mid-trip stop at the National Heirloom Exposition, a visit with friends in my beloved Mendocino, and camping along rivers & in the majestic redwoods.

    It’s been far too long since I last made this roadtrip. And, I’m simply crazy to get going.

    Go ahead, be jealous. I am, and I even get to go!

    If I can, I’ll post updates from the road. Most will probably go directly on our Facebook page here. Blogging may be tough, but photo shares will be much easier, so tune in there for the most up-to-date, quick reports from the road!