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Tag: plant damage

  • Cold Frames & Crushed Tomatoes

    June 30, 2011

    Here it is summer. The skies are grey. The wind is blowing. And, not a drop of useful rain is falling from the sky. Yet, even my potted tomatoes are 3′ tall. Or at least they were.

    Smashed & Topped Tomato Plant

    Smashed & Topped Tomato Plant

    Up until a little while ago, many of my potted tomatoes were consolidated in my cold frame. At 3′ tall, they’re too big for me to shut the frame, but they were still in a protected spot, so I hadn’t moved them. The lid of the cold frame was propped wide open, securely. Or at least, I thought it was.

    I was standing right beside the cold frame when a gust of wind finally blew the lid forward and shut — right on top of several tomato plants, crushing them. Some even had a few tiny fruit forming on them. Now they don’t.

    That’s what I get for trusting that the cold frame lid would stay up even in this wind. Sure, the  wind is blowing at the lids, pushing them into the open position. But one stray, whipping gust did manage to get around the back side and push that lid down. I should have just removed the lids, but I hadn’t.

    Crack! Smash! Crap — topped tomatoes!

    So what’s next? Well, I’ve got way more tomato plants than I really need — something in the neighborhood of 40 or 50 plants at my last rough count. And, none of the smashed plants were knocked back to a complete loss. Only one took a really hard hit. So, I cut out the damaged area — leaving that one hard-hit plant looking really measly. And, we’ll see how the plants bounce back. Only four of them really got banged up good in this stupid accident.

    The tallest ones are now far from the cold frame. The shorter ones are in the cold frame, but the lid is partially shut and well latched, so hopefully we won’t see anymore pesky cold frame or wind tomato “blight” this season!