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Flora & Fauna Gift Cards

November 27, 2017

*NEW* Gift card sets are now available via our Etsy Shop!

Our gift card offerings for 2017 include ten of Robin’s most popular flora & fauna photographs from this year.

Updated 12/19/17: Visit our new GardenMentorsDesigns Etsy store to purchase our photography cards now. Until supplies run out, we’ll be shipping orders with free photography stickers too. More inventory, including gift sets, will be added in the coming days.


2017 Garden Mentors gift card photographs/copyright Robin Haglund

A sample of the 10 new images included in our 2017 gift card sets. Each card features an individual image from those shown here, plus 6 more!

Mixed sets come in packages of 25 for $2/card, plus tax and shipping. These cards are available all year.

Want them in time for the holidays?

Call 206-781-8645 or contact us via our web form right away to place your order. Orders placed 12/8/17 or later may not be available for delivery ahead of Christmas 2017. Only available for ordering & delivery in the United States (for now anyway).

(Original Post from December 1, 2016 follows)


Following are some of Robin’s most popular flora & fauna photos from 2016 that are also now available to order as gift cards in sets of 25 for just $2/card (plus tax & shipping).

You know you want a set! So, order via our Etsy store today! to learn more about ordering a set of your own or a gift set for someone you love! But, hurry up if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays.

Pacific chorus frog fauna photo

Tiny Pacific chorus frog (also known as a Pacific tree frog) & large glass pond float in summer.


Great Blue Heron fauna photo

A majestic great blue heron resting on the shore of Padilla bay.


mushroom photo

A bloom of mushrooms emerging from the soil in September.


zinnia flora photography

Bouquet of Skagit Valley grown zinnias & sage in late summer.


Dunlin shore bird fauna photography

Dunlin shorebirds resting on the shore of Padilla Bay, WA in November.


Teasle flora photo

Teasle growing wild along the mudflats of Padilla Bay in high summer.


Padilla Bay sunset in July

Summer sunset on the shores of the Padilla Bay shore trail in Skagit County, WA.


Queen Anne's lace seeds

Queen Anne’s Lace seed pods & wild asters blooming on the shore of Padilla Bay.

(Each set of cards will include a selection of these images. Watermarks will not be shown over images on the cards. Images on cards may be cropped slightly differently from what you see here & color variations may occur in printing; however, cards will match vertical and horizontal crop orientations shown here. Interiors remain blank unless you request a custom message printing when you order. All cards come with white envelopes to fit. Select your favorites & order here.  Larger quantities are available upon request. Fill out our contact form or give us a ring now at 206-781-8645 to get the ball rolling on your order. )

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