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As we’ve done for 1000s of gardeners for decades, our mission is to teach you how to stop making expensive gardening mistakes & end your gardening frustrations. Moreover, we’ll teach you to love gardening!

A great way to grow your gardening skills is via our online gardening classes in the Garden Mentors Gardening Academy. We only offer enrollment to these self-guided programs a few times a year, so be sure to get on the list. That way you’ll receive free email help while you wait. And you’ll be first in line the moment we open enrollment!

Plus, enjoy our shorter format infotainment programs like Growing a Hummingbird Habitat Garden.

And, if you want something fun and unique, get on the waitlist for our Herbal Happy Hour Garden-to-Bar online gardening program that offers much more than only gardening.

Another option is to sign up to be notified first when enrollment re-opens for our limited-seat online group garden coaching program. This interactive group garden coaching club only opens seasonally, so don’t miss out! Not only will you enjoy online gardening classes, but you’ll also enjoy live sessions. Plus, you’ll meet new gardening friends!

The best way to be sure you’re able to access our programs as soon as they’re available is to sign up to be notified.

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Plus, we’re available to book on an array of helpful, popular keynote gardening seminars. Explore our current events schedule, great garden speaker reviews & more. Leave your review or book your event with us!

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If you want 1:1 & personalized garden coaching, Garden Mentors® is here for you with 1:1 gardening consultation services. Too, we may be able to help you design your garden.

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