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How to Prune & Deadhead Rhododendrons

Learn how to prune rhododendrons & azaleas: If you want to learn how to prune rhododendrons, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve even included visual steps for deadheading rhododendrons too. Plus, the good news is, you can fine-prune these beautiful plants just about any time of year. But, that’s only true if you take care not to… Read more »

How to Harvest Basil Season by Season

How to harvest basil so your plants will give much longer. When you know how to harvest basil, your plants will produce for a long time. Unfortunately, many new gardeners pick basil leaves the wrong way. And that can lead to rapid plant decline. This problem happens when gardeners pluck out random basil leaves. Plus,… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Blueberries Go to the Birds!

Better ways for keeping birds out of blueberries! We’ve come up with a simple and inexpensive technique for keeping birds out of blueberries (and other berries too). Instead of netting, we’re now using sheer, semi-opaque curtain panels and clothes pins. That’s because, these hold up to wind and rain. And they’re easy to open and… Read more »

Are You Getting Suckered Out of Tomatoes?

Why remove tomato suckers: Many don’t know about tomato suckers. However, understanding what tomato suckers are may be the key to healthier and more productive tomato plants. That’s because “suckers” can “suck” the energy out of tomato fruit production by putting on more green growth. Moreover, tomato suckers all over  a plant can encourage disease… Read more »

A Summer Treat for Your Feet – Cooling Herbal Foot Bath

Cooling Herbal Foot Bath is so Chill! A cooling herbal foot bath is such a treat for gardeners. And this is especially true when we’ve been gardening hard on hot days. The reality is, on the hottest days of summer, there’s nothing like a cool treat from the garden to make your day. Moreover, those… Read more »