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Garden & Herbalist Education Programs

Interested in Classes on Making Herbal Products Yourself? We’ve been teaching gardeners interested in classes on making herbal products for years. Not only do we offer online courses in herbalism and herbal making. But we also provide small group,  hands-on sessions in how to make your own herbal body products as well. Plus, we teach… Read more »

Best Dehydrators for Gardeners Reviewed

Looking for best dehydrators for gardeners? If you’re looking for the best dehydrators for gardeners, we’ve got loads of helpful information. That’s because we’ve been drying food for decades. And we’ve used a number of different dehydrators to preserve food this way. Not only have we dried vegetables from our garden like zucchini, but we’ve… Read more »

When is the Right Time to Harvest Winter Squash?

Wondering when to harvest your winter squash? If you’re still wondering when to harvest those winter squash and pumpkins, you’re not alone. Knowing when to harvest winter squash can be a stumper! But we’ve got some simple tips to help you know when your winter squash is at its peak to harvest. First, let’s clarify… Read more »

Gardening Classes in Skagit

Join us for Gardening Classes in Skagit! We’re excited to share our gardening classes in Skagit. These helpful gardening workshops are conveniently located in Skagit locations like Bow, WA on Blanchard Mountain farm. So if you’re looking for in person gardening classes near Mount Vernon, La Conner, Bellingham, Anacortes or Burlington, join us! Jump to… Read more »

Plant Profile: 3 Pinks for Fall Garden Color

Want Pink Flowers that Bloom in Fall? When the season passes into autumn, do you want flowers that bloom pink in fall? Although many think of yellow, red and orange as fall colors, pink is great in fall too. Plus, pink flowers that bloom in fall blend beautifully with the burnt and fiery hues taking… Read more »