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How to Get Rid of Shotweed

Want to learn how to get rid of shotweed? When it’s cool and damp, many ask as how to get rid of shotweed. That’s because this cool season annual weeds to pop up their tenacious little heads from late winter through late fall. Shotweed loves mild temperatures and gentle, if persistent, rains. However, despite being… Read more »

I Pruned My Tree in Spring & Now It’s Leaking

Late winter & spring pruning cuts can be very leaky. When we prune trees as they are are exiting dormancy, sometimes we see the trees leaking fluid from the cuts. And, that’s (usually) okay. In late winter and early spring, before and as trees begin to leaf out, their vascular systems become very active. Water… Read more »

Should Perennials Be Divided in Fall or Spring?

Do you know when to divide perennials? Dividing perennials can help your garden in many ways. This practice can help you save money. And it may keep your garden blooming better over time. And those things make for a great garden! However, if you don’t know the optimal time to divide your perennials, you might… Read more »

Spring Pruning – Nipping Buds

Spring pruning made easy is possible! Are you wondering how spring pruning made easy is possible? And you may be wondering if you should even prune at all in spring. Probably this is because tender young growth emerges on plants in spring. And when plants are in this fragile state, it can be tough to… Read more »

Greenhouse Gardening Resources

Looking for greenhouse gardening resources? We often present classes on how how to use greenhouses and other season extenders in your garden. That’s because these tools help extend your growing season. Moreover, tools like offer more uses than just extending your gardening season! In fact, some of these tools might help you with issues like… Read more »