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I Pruned My Tree in Spring & Now It’s Leaking

Late winter & spring pruning cuts can be very leaky. When we prune trees as they are are exiting dormancy, sometimes we see the trees leaking fluid from the cuts. And, that’s (usually) okay. In late winter and early spring, before and as trees begin to leaf out, their vascular systems become very active. Water… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Blueberries Go to the Birds!

A better way for keeping birds out of blueberries! We’ve come up with a simple and inexpensive technique for keeping birds out of blueberries. Instead of netting, we’re now using sheer, semi-opaque curtain panels and clothes pins. That’s because, these hold up to wind and rain. And they’re easy to open and close. Plus, they’re… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Shotweed

Want to learn how to get rid of shotweed? When it’s cool and damp, many ask as how to get rid of shotweed. That’s because this cool season annual weeds to pop up their tenacious little heads from late winter through late fall. Shotweed loves mild temperatures and gentle, if persistent, rains. However, despite being… Read more »

Muck This!

Muck! is my favorite four letter gardening word. Gardening in muck what we face much of the year in the Pacific Northwest. That means muck’s what I wear for about 10+ months of the year.  Given this, I pretty much own the term. So Muck-it! I’m using this term with abandon from here on out.… Read more »