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Garden & Herbalist Education Programs

Interested in Classes on Making Herbal Products & Decor Yourself? We’ve been teaching gardeners interested in classes on making herbal products for years. Not only do we offer online courses in herbalism and herbal making. But we also provide small group,  hands-on sessions in how to make your own herbal body products as well. Plus,… Read more »

Leaves: Blow or Rake?

Leaf blowers vs rakes: which is better? Often clients ask me whether I think a leaf blower is better than a rake. The reality is that answering the leaf blowers vs rakes question is complicated. Comparing blowers to rakes is like comparing elephants to turnips. That being said, each has its benefits and its drawbacks.… Read more »

Christmas Trees – Rent Now; Plant Later

Rental Christmas trees are all the rage. Why cut and buy when rental Christmas trees are an option? In fact, if you want to rent a tree for the holidays, you’re not alone. More eco-friendly folks are looking for holiday trees to plant later or recycle after the holidays. But, unfortunately, resources for these trees… Read more »

Why & How to Fill a Frozen Bird Bath

Do you know how to fill a frozen bird bath without breaking it? When I wake up to a rock-solid frozen world as happened today, I know my winged garden visitors will appreciate it if I fill frozen bird baths for them. Sure, they’ll peck at frost covered leaves and rooftops, but there isn’t much… Read more »

Fall Pruning Tips

Have you been duped into believing fall pruning is ideal? Surprise! Fall can be one of the worst times to prune. Or at least, it can be the worst time to prune woody plants. And there are many plants that you should not prune in fall. But, rules are made to be broken. So be sure… Read more »