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A-Z How to Weed Garden Guide

Welcome to our A-Z How to Weed Guide! Our weeding garden guide is your quick reference list for all things weeding. In fact, you may want to bookmark this page so it’s easy to find every time a new weed pops up. Plus, this detailed weeding list should make your garden maintenance easier. That’s because… Read more »

Hummingbird Fledglings

Have you seen hummingbird fledglings? If hummingbirds nest in your garden, odds are you’ve seen some hummingbird fledglings. But maybe you haven’t recognized them. That’s because all hummingbirds are tiny. But the hummingbird fledglings are extra little. And they’re extra fun to experience. What are some hints that it’s a not an adult bird? If you’re looking at a… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Gardening Waste

Looking for ways to reduce gardening waste? There are many ways to reduce gardening waste. And not all of them relate to reducing how many pulled weeds you send to the landfill. In fact, much of the environmental waste gardeners create comes from some things that might surprise you. So let’s look at 5 surprising… Read more »

Cabbage Butterfly Eggs: Squish’m Young!

Cabbage butterfly eggs lead to destroyed crops! Cabbage butterfly eggs are laid by adult white butterflies. Cabbage moth is a misnomer! These butterflies also have two black dots on each wing. While they may look like moths, these are actually butterflies! What time of year do cabbage butterflies lay their eggs? These white butterflies are… Read more »

How to Prune & Deadhead Rhododendrons

Learn how to prune rhododendrons & azaleas: If you want to learn how to prune rhododendrons, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve even included visual steps for deadheading rhododendrons too. Plus, the good news is, you can fine-prune these beautiful plants just about any time of year. But, that’s only true if you take care not to… Read more »