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Garden & Herbalist Education Programs

Interested in Classes on Making Herbal Products Yourself? We’ve been teaching gardeners interested in classes on making herbal products for years. Not only do we offer online courses in herbalism and herbal making. But we also provide small group,  hands-on sessions in how to make your own herbal body products as well. Plus, we teach… Read more »

Hummingbird Fledglings

Have you seen hummingbird fledglings? If hummingbirds nest in your garden, odds are you’ve seen some hummingbird fledglings. But maybe you haven’t recognized them. That’s because all hummingbirds are tiny. But the hummingbird fledglings are extra little. And they’re extra fun to experience. What are some hints that it’s a not an adult bird? If you’re looking at a… Read more »

Stop Blackberry Weeds from Spreading & Easy Cobbler

How to keep blackberries from spreading can be delicious! If you’re trying to figure out how to keep blackberries from spreading, you’re going to love this easy method for controlling blackberries. That’s because it involves eating blackberries. And it is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of invasive blackberry weeds. Moreover, you’ll find the… Read more »

Dog and Garden Can Grow Harmoniously

Wondering how to stop your dog from destroying your garden? If your dog is ruining your yard or plants, you’re probably wondering how to stop your dog from destroying your garden. In fact, dogs can be incredibly destructive to gardens.  Some dig holes in all the wrong places. And others prefer to poop exactly where… Read more »

Rose Hip Syrup Recipe

Rose hip syrup recipe: what you can do with rose hips! Making our wild rose syrup is a multi-step process worth every bit of effort. But really, making this rose hip syrup isn’t difficult. And the syrup is so delicious, soothing, and rich in nutrients like vitamin-C that you’ll crave making it. We love to… Read more »