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Garden Coach on Propagating Red Twig Dogwood From Cuttings

Propagating red twig dogwood cuttings into new plants is easy! We love propagating twig dogwood cuttings into new plants. That’s because it’s easy to do. Plus, propagating means we can grow new plants from existing plants. So this enables us to expand our garden without buying more dogwood plants. Moreover, we don’t have to buy… Read more »

Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Top Reasons to Go

If you haven’t been to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show… I’m here to convince you that attending the Northwest Flower and Garden Show should be on your bucket list. And that’s especially true if you’re a gardener. But, even if you’ve never grown any kind of garden, this show is a stunning experience for… Read more »

Nitrogen Fixing Root Nodules

Those balls on roots are Nitrogen fixing root nodules. Nitrogen fixing root nodules transform environmental nitrogen into nitrogen for the soil. And, by adding nitrogen to the soil, this provides a key nutrient to plant roots. But, that’s a pretty big oversimplification. Still, this symbiotic work between plants, bacteria, and soil is a great way… Read more »

Freezing Weather Kills All Garden Pests & Weeds?

Freezing weather kills all garden pests is unlikely. Unfortunately, the idea that freezing weather kills all garden pests and weeds is a common misconception. That’s because plants and insects have a lot of adaptations that help them get through all sorts of weather just fine.  Still, some of the flora and fauna pests can take… Read more »