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Choosing Your Garden Gravel

Choosing the right garden gravel doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many kinds of garden gravel to choose from and many applications for gravel in the garden. Making a poor material selection can be both dangerous and ugly. Fortunately, with proper planning and installation, gravel can be a wonderful and relatively inexpensive hardscape material. Why… Read more »

Free Holiday Swag Lesson

Free holiday swag lesson to DIY! Want to save money and DIY this season? Our Free holiday swag lesson is here to help. Plus, we’ll teach you about different conifers in your garden. And we’ll make it easy for you to save money by gathering greens for your swag from your garden. And bonus: this… Read more »

Blacktop – The Newest in Garden Hardscape

Can you use black hardscape like asphalt for hardscape? Well, you can use black hardscape for gardens. But the real question is should you use asphalt or other black hardscape for gardens? And just to clarify, asphalt is also called “blacktop” because, well, it’s black. Here’s an unusual application for blacktop in a garden setting.… Read more »

Exploring Garden Treasures Series Beginning with Dunn Gardens

Dunn Gardens Tour from Your Armchair! We’ll begin this Dunn Gardens Tour with an interview with Executive Directory Sue Nevler. Sue is a much admired historical garden advocate in the greater Seattle area. And she’s done much to support Dunn Gardens over the years. What brought you to the gardens and what keeps you working… Read more »

Garden Treasures – Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park Foot Tour… Golden Gate Park is a a must-see foot tour for any gardener visiting San Francisco. That’s because it’s full of botanical wonders! When I lived in the SF bay area for many years during different periods of my life, I often visited. In fact, my parents took me there as a… Read more »