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Garden Treasures – Kruckeberg Botanical Garden

Last year in a drawing at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I won the opportunity to visit one of three magnificent garden treasures in the Seattle area. I had already visited beautiful Dunn Gardens as well as stunning Bloedel Reserve, but I hadn’t ever seen Kruckeberg Botanical Gardens. So the choice, was easy –… Read more »

This Heuchera’s got Diversifolia

Growing Heuchera in sun or shade is possible. If you’re trying to grow Heuchera in sun or shade, shop carefully. That’s because not all coral bells will perform equally well in just any exposure. Some do better in sun. And, others do better in some shade. But, there are some Heuchera that will grow beautifully… Read more »

Zero Curb Appeal Garden

One thing every homeowner wants is a garden with curb appeal. One thing new builders create are yards with zero curb appeal. Maybe they don’t see the value in putting in a beautiful garden that will thrive in the space, or maybe they run out of money on construction, or maybe they just trust the… Read more »