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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Stop Blackberry Weeds from Spreading & Easy Cobbler

How to keep blackberries from spreading can be delicious! If you’re trying to figure out how to keep blackberries from spreading, you’re going to love this easy method for controlling blackberries. That’s because it involves eating blackberries. And it is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of invasive blackberry weeds. Moreover, you’ll find the… Read more »

Rose Hip Syrup Recipe

Rose hip syrup recipe: what you can do with rose hips! Making our wild rose syrup is a multi-step process worth every bit of effort. But really, making this rose hip syrup isn’t difficult. And the syrup is so delicious, soothing, and rich in nutrients like vitamin-C that you’ll crave making it. We love to… Read more »

Best Dehydrators for Gardeners Reviewed

Looking for best dehydrators for gardeners? If you’re looking for the best dehydrators for gardeners, we’ve got loads of helpful information. That’s because we’ve been drying food for decades. And we’ve used a number of different dehydrators to preserve food this way. Not only have we dried vegetables from our garden like zucchini, but we’ve… Read more »

How to Preserve Zucchini Noodles

?? Zucchini bread isn’t the only way to preserve zucchini! When you have one of those abundant zucchini garden years, it’s important to know how to eat, use and how to preserve zucchini in creative ways. And, we have several ways including making dried zoodles. Freezing zucchini is easy & it makes a tasty low… Read more »

Easy & Fragrant Uses for Lavender Cuttings

Need simple uses for lavender cuttings? If you’re looking for lavender cutting uses that don’t take a lot of effort, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found many ways to enjoy lavender without having to sew a stitch. Or brew up an herbal potion. Plus, with late season lavender cuttings, the first use we’ve… Read more »