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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Chai Tea Recipe

Our Home-blended Chai Tea Recipe is Delicious! We wouldn’t brag about our chai tea recipe if we didn’t truly believe it’s the best. The reality is, this stuff is way better than anything you’ll buy in a tea bag. Moreover, we’re confident it’s way better for you than anything chockfull of sugar and fillers that… Read more »

Feel Better Soup & The Magic Elixir

Need some feel better recipes to help your worn down body feel better? Feel better recipes are ones that can help you refresh your weary body. And they aren’t just for times when you’re down with a cold. In fact, sometimes you want a feel better recipe when you’ve got something as common as allergies.

Easy & Fragrant Use for Late Lavender Cuttings

Need simple uses for lavender cuttings? If you’re looking for lavender cutting uses that don’t take a lot of effort, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found many ways to enjoy lavender without having to sew a stitch. Or brew up an herbal potion. Plus, with late season lavender cuttings, the first use we’ve… Read more »