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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Feel Better Soup & The Magic Elixir

Need some feel better recipes to help your worn down body feel better? Feel better recipes are ones that can help you refresh your weary body. And they aren’t just for times when you’re down with a cold. In fact, sometimes you want a feel better recipe when you’ve got something as common as allergies.

How to Dry Tomatoes for Long Storage

Learn how to dry tomatoes, store them well, and cook with them. Learning how to dry tomatoes means you will have loads of garden flavor in your pantry. And your dehydrated tomatoes will store longer than just about any other preserving methods. So if you want to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes longer, start drying them!… Read more »

Preserving the Harvest with Easy Freezer Tomatoes

How to Prepare Freezer Tomatoes in 5 Easy Steps… Confession: I’m a lazy food preserver. And, that’s true even if I do find myself putting up a lot of food harvests from spring to autumn. Sure, I can a few jars of spicy, pickled beans. And I usually put up several jars of jam each… Read more »