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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Edible Wild Nettles for Spring

Edible wild nettles are better than you might think! Edible wild nettles have a bad reputation for their nasty sting. But nettles deserve our praise. And, they’re a great reminder that what may be called an invasive weed by one is a beneficial food source to others. In fact this can be true about many… Read more »

Pruning Lavender & Drying the Harvest

Learning how to prune lavender is relatively simple. Learning how to prune lavender is simple. And when you do it right, your plants should thrive. And you’ll enjoy a multi-functional herbal harvest when you’re done! It’s important to know when to harvest your lavender. Most who harvest the flowers to store will recommend cutting out… Read more »

Late Summer Smoothies

REDIRECTED We’re at that point in the season when just about every fruit and veggie is ripening in the garden — or at the farmer’s market, so it’s time for summer smoothies! Years ago, we took out our peach tree because of pest & disease issues that simply weren’t worth trying to manage any longer.… Read more »