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Articles on cooking, preparing & preserving food from your home garden.

Accidental Apple Chip Recipe

We’ve got a lot of delicious, crispy, dried apples in the pantry to enjoy this fall and winter. How they got to this ideal snap-crisp state was a happy accident that’ll be easy for you to repeat, on purpose. My new neighbor gave us several pounds of apples from her orchard, which I put into our… Read more »

Preserve Peppers 3 Easy Ways + Spicy Margarita Recipe

If you’re looking to learn how to preserve peppers and you’re even just a little bit lazy about food preservation, we’ve got a few methods you’re going to love. Plus, you’ll find our recipe for a sizzlin’ hot pepper Margarita! This year we’ve got a bumper crop of Hot Pegasus peppers, tomatillo, jalapeno, and a… Read more »

Grow, Harvest & Preserve Makrut Lime

Growing a Makrut lime may be the perfect citrus solution for those of us gardening in locations where getting citrus to form fruit isn’t easy. Why? Well, it isn’t so much that this variety of citrus tree is hardy through icy winters. Rather, it’s about what we harvest from these trees. If you’ve dipped into… Read more »

Berry Infused Booze

Making berry infused vodka is incredibly simple…especially when your garden is abundant with ripe delicious strawberries, raspberries, or any other delicious, ripe berry. If you’re under drinking age, you are not invited to read on; just go eat a bunch of berries instead! For you adult garden booze hounds, there’s no way you don’t want… Read more »