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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Free Gardening Webinar Enrolling Now

Sign up Now for Our Free Gardening Webinar! We’re thrilled to be able to offer you a limited seating, FREE gardening webinar to sign up for now below. Enrollment is now closed at the moment but… Sign up below to be first in line to be notified the next time we offer free programs like… Read more »

Why Water Garden Soil Before Planting

Taking time to water garden soil makes a difference. If you’re planning to put in new plantings, be sure to water garden soil first. Of course, if you’ve had rain, your soil may already be sufficiently moist. Or, if you have an irrigation system, you may not need to water garden soil again before planting.… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Gardening Waste

Looking for ways to reduce gardening waste? There are many ways to reduce gardening waste. And not all of them relate to reducing how many pulled weeds you send to the landfill. In fact, much of the environmental waste gardeners create comes from some things that might surprise you. So let’s look at 5 surprising… Read more »

Nitrogen Fixing Root Nodules

Those balls on roots are Nitrogen fixing root nodules. Nitrogen fixing root nodules transform environmental nitrogen into nitrogen for the soil. And, by adding nitrogen to the soil, this provides a key nutrient to plant roots. But, that’s a pretty big oversimplification. Still, this symbiotic work between plants, fungi and soil is a great way… Read more »

Hail No! Plant Damage Discourse

Wondering What’s Causing Your Plant Damage? Sometimes weird plant damage happens in our gardens. And when that happens photos of plant damage can help.  That’s because what caused your plant damage may not be immediately obvious. We might be suspicious of a disease. Or, it could be a pest insect or a rodent. But odds… Read more »