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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Robin’s View of Winter & Preview of Spring

    Today I woke up to more sprinklings of snow on the ground and flurries flying through the air. It was cold and grey and seemed like just another wintery Seattle day in January. Then I caught sight of my namesake bird, the robin. Actually, a flock of them, gathering around an ice-water filled… Read more »

When and How to Prune a Pear to Reduce Suckering

    Sarah from Shoreline, WA writes: “My pear tree (unknown variety, pears are yellow) suckers like mad. I pruned last year in Feb. Should I be pruning in late summer instead? Thanks, Sarah “ Sarah, it’s difficult for me to answer your question without seeing the tree to understand its care history. But, here… Read more »

Garden Construction Coach Helps Solve Fencing Problem

  REDIRECTED Katy and Ben from Bainbridge Island, WA have constructed a nearly see-through fence to baffle the deer that mow their veggie beds given half a chance. The fence itself is working, but Katy and Ben faced a DIYer’s challenge of how to create a functional gate to work with their innovative fence. They… Read more »

Guest Blogger Susan Maki on Selecting the Right Rose

  REDIRECTED Today is thrilled to welcome Susan Maki to our list of garden writers. Susan is a well-rounded professional garden educator, garden coach and especially a rose fanatic. I can’t wait to learn more from her experience and knowledge around rose gardening! Please join me in welcoming Susan and enjoy her first of… Read more »

Why Not to Hire a Tree Trimmer Who Wears Spikes

Why not hire a tree trimmer who wears spikes… To understand why not to hire a tree trimmer who wears spikes, consider this… You have three big, beautiful Cherry trees in your front garden. And you hire someone to prune them. Plus, you’re going to pay these people to do the work for you. But… Read more »