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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Shear Not! But Still Keep that Hedge in Check

How to trim hedges simplified! Learning how to trim hedges doesn’t have to be difficult. And usually hedges are sheared to prune them. But pruning hedges the wrong way can really mess them up. Moreover, they might end up looking really terrible after a bad pruning job. Or worse, they may partly or completely die.… Read more »

Garden Coach on Gardening in Inclement Weather

REDIRECTED On April Fool’s Day 2009 it snowed in Seattle — no joke. In prior years our last snow arrived in mid-April, so I shouldn’t be too surprised we’re seeing snow, sleet, cold rain today. But, it really puts a cramp in my gardening programs. Yes, I do work in inclement weather. I get muddy,… Read more »

DIY Seedling Tray Soil Punch

A DIY seedling tray soil punch makes seed starting go faster. One of the coolest tools I’ve seen at a farm fair is a DIY seedling tray soil punch. That’s because seeding lots of plants means poking lots of holes in the soil. And when you stick your finger into moist soil, it gets wet and dirty.… Read more »

Caring for Ornamental Grasses in Seattle

Caring for Ornamental Grasses Made Easier! Autumn is probably my favorite time of year to really enjoy & care for ornamental grasses. And, by grasses I don’t mean lawn. Instead, I do mean ornamental grasses and grass-like plants such as sedges and rushes. Plants like blood grass are brilliant red and showy at this time.… Read more »

Garden Coach on Patio Water Garden In A Weekend

REDIRECTED Read on for the tale of how shopping for vegie starts in the summer of 2007 resulted in the installation of a new waterfeature for our patio . Day 1, Act 1: The Morning Nursery Visit: I ask Bob if he’d like to go to a local nursery with me to spend some coupons… Read more »