Category: Gardening Guidelines

Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Wind & Tree Damage

As we enter a potentially historic stormy few days in the Puget Sound region that likely will include wind tree damage, we’re focusing on preparing for the storm. This means no new blog post is coming on Friday morning. We’re getting our emergency supplies together (like a solar/crank radio, candles, battery powered lamps and flashlights,… Read more »

Free Nature Apps Reviewed: Birds & Bugs

As we get ready for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count 2015, we’re checking out nature apps to help us with the count. If you’re interested in learning more about birds or bugs, try downloading these to your smartphone or tablet for quick reference. Audubon Bird App: This free app is available for most platforms and… Read more »

Gardening Apps & Gadgets to Gift

We’re always looking for new gardening apps and gadgets to help us grow in the great outdoors. Here’s our take on a few for your holiday shopping list: Bee Smart Pollinator Gardener: This is definitely our favorite new find! This free app from the Pollinator Partnership is available for Android and iphone/ipod touch, and we love… Read more »