Category: Gardening Guidelines

Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Vegetable Garden Seed Shopping

Shopping for your vegetable garden seeds lists & tips Have you started shopping for vegetable garden seeds yet? January is when garden seed supplier catalogs begin arriving. If you’re on their list, your mailbox will start looking like a food gardening library this time of year. And it’s important not to ignore the new releases… Read more »

Why Rhododendron Leaves Roll Up in Cold Weather

Wondering why rhododendron leaves roll up in cold weather? Rhododendron leaves may roll up in winter. Or, they may appear to flatten out. And, sometimes they look wilted. But, often when this happens, your shrubs are just fine. When temperatures dip below plants can’t hide inside. When temperatures plunge below freezing, garden plants have to… Read more »

Fall Pruning Tips

Have you been duped into believing fall pruning is ideal? Surprise! Fall can be one of the worst times to prune. Or at least, it can be the worst time to prune woody plants. And there are many plants that you should not prune in fall. But, rules are made to be broken. So be sure… Read more »

Caring for Carex

Caring for Carex is fairly easy. Caring for Carex doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s easy. But maintaining these grass-like plants isn’t the same as caring for other ornamental grasses. However, if many Carex species are left untended, they may not perform well in your garden. Is your plant actually a Carex? Before… Read more »

Leaves: Blow or Rake?

Leaf blowers vs rakes: which is better? Often clients ask me whether I think a leaf blower is better than a rake. The reality is that answering the leaf blowers vs rakes question is complicated. Comparing blowers to rakes is like comparing elephants to turnips. That being said, each has its benefits and its drawbacks.… Read more »