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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Kid-friendly Garden Redefined by Kids

Want to craft a kid-friendly children’s garden? Many parents want to craft a great kid-friendly children’s garden. Unfortunately, many adults forget that a that kids really will play in any kind of garden. The reality is: a children’s garden doesn’t have to be a sterile space filled with lawn and a plastic play set. Actually,… Read more »

My Shrub’s Dead, Right?

Wondering how to tell if your plant is dead? There’s nothing like a defoliated evergreen in winter to have us asking how to tell if your plant is dead. Too, sometimes it’s tough to tell if a deciduous plant is dead or just playing possum. But knowing if a plant is really dead after a… Read more »

Spring Pruning – Nipping Buds

Spring pruning made easy is possible! Are you wondering how spring pruning made easy is possible? And you may be wondering if you should even prune at all in spring. Probably this is because tender young growth emerges on plants in spring. And when plants are in this fragile state, it can be tough to… Read more »

Why Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric is Ugly & Wasteful

Landscape fabric won’t end your weeds. Weed barrier (aka landscape fabric or weed cloth) sounds like the perfect solution for reducing garden maintenance. Unfortunately, it isn’t. And, it can even cause more headaches and ugliness than you might imagine. Cutting holes in your landscape fabric to plant? Stop. Don’t do it! If you drape weed… Read more »

Dock Weed Control & Many Uses for Rumex

Dock weed control takes a little patience. What we find is dock weed control usually isn’t done properly. And this results in the plants rebounding rapidly. Too, while you might want to get rid of your dock, there are also reasons you may want to cultivate some Rumex in your garden. That being said, if… Read more »