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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Blasted! That Camellia’s Not Going to Bloom

Pretty sure your camellia is not going to bloom? If you’re concerned your camellia is not going to bloom, you’re not alone. That’s because sometimes these reliable flowering shrubs aren’t so reliable. So, let’s consider why camellias may not flower. And, let’s look at some remedies for the future. A common reason your camellia isn’t… Read more »

I Pruned My Tree in Spring & Now It’s Leaking

Late winter & spring pruning cuts can be very leaky. When we prune trees as they are are exiting dormancy, sometimes we see the trees leaking fluid from the cuts. And, that’s (usually) okay. In late winter and early spring, before and as trees begin to leaf out, their vascular systems become very active. Water… Read more »

Garden Coach Offers Tips on Easy Sword Fern Care

Need tips to care for your ferns? Most garden ferns are easy to care for. And, one of our favorite garden ferns is the tough-as-nails NW sword fern. Also, this easy fern is known botanically as Polystichum munitum. Did you know we offer online classes and group coaching to help you with your specific gardening… Read more »

Avoid Over-Crowding the Vegetable Plants

How & why to avoid a crowded greenhouse Crowded greenhouses are mixed blessings! In fact, overcrowding a greenhouse — or even in a planting bed — is a sure-fire way to invite pest and disease problems. But it can also be highly productive and desirable. However, if you’re like me and unwilling to spray pesticides and… Read more »

Christmas Tree After Story

How can you recycle a Christmas tree after the holidays are over? When we lived in Seattle, Christmas trees lined sidewalks after the holidays. There’s a day when curbside yard waste will pick them up. That’s a good thing. These went to an industrial composting facility to be recycled into mulch. Wait…do you actually need… Read more »