Category: Gardening Guidelines

Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Drought Watering: Home to Garden

Dry garden? Drought watering tips may help! In the mid-1970s I won second place in a drought watering solutions contest at my Willits, California middle school. The first place winner was a much better artist than I am. My idea-rich poster is long gone. But many of the lessons I learned as a kid growing… Read more »

Pear & Apple Pest Control

Pear & apple pest control doesn’t always mean spraying. Most people think fruit tree like apple pest control always requires pesticides. Fortunately, there are other options that don’t require spraying. And, you might even be able to do it without buying anything new. That’s because those unmatched socks the drier gremlins left behind might do… Read more »

Arborist Chip Mulch Much?

Arborist chip mulch is our favorite! Arborist chip mulch material used to be an unwanted by-product. But today it may seem like an impossible-to-find commodity. Still, if you’ve put off trying chips in your garden because you didn’t have luck finding them, we’ve got ways to help you. However, we don’t sell them. And if… Read more »

Cocoa Mulch — Is it Good for My Garden?

Many ask us if cocoa mulch is good or bad. The answer to whether cocoa mulch is good or bad is complicated. That’s because it does have good qualities. For instance, it is usually a by-product of making chocolate. So using it as mulch put a waste product to work. And, it can add nutrients… Read more »

How to Prepare Containers for Planting

Need to learn how to prepare containers for planting? We’re here to teach you how to prepare containers for planting the right way. Properly readying containers for plants that will thrive takes a little more work than just dumping in some dirt and plugging in the plants. Easy Do’s & Don’t’s to prepare your pots… Read more »