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Gardening DIY guidelines for just about everything to do in the garden throughout the seasons.

Irrigating Your Autumn Plantings?

REDIRECTED Are you watering in your new autumn plantings? October is one of the busiest planting times for Garden Mentors®. Temperatures have cooled. Plants are entering dormancy. And, the soil is sufficiently moistened by the returning rains of autumn. Or at least that’s the case in years not like this one. This year, following an… Read more »

Why Do Garden Water Testing

Curious why water testing is important in your garden? When your garden includes ponds and streams, water testing is important for many reasons. So, consider this: once upon a time, we attended a seminar on retaining and recycling water in rural locations. And in this program, one of the conservationists who spoke made a point of saying (paraphrasing):… Read more »

Japanese Maple Pruning

Early fall isn’t really the best time for Japanese maple pruning. But, I’ve been breaking rules like this and following the “do it when you can” way of life lately in order to try to get ahead of all of the renovation tasks needed on our new, large property. And I’m exhausted! But, I do… Read more »

Sustainable Holiday Gifts that Give to Everyone

REDIRECTED Several years ago I wrote a post about the Seattle Parks Foundation program that enables donors to give sustainable holiday gifts — a tree, a bench or a park swing. This holiday season, I decided to check to see if the program was still in action. Turns out it is & they’re offering many… Read more »

Arborist Katy on Wooly Adelgid Management in Mountain Hemlocks

  Tracy from Federal Way, WA writes: “Our Mountain Hemlock has an Adelgid infestation. It is all over the middle tree but will probably spread to the others. What do you suggest for treatment? I have Neem oil and “Safer” insect killing soap. I also have some Fertilome products – Fungicide ornamental and evergreen spray… Read more »