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Growing Tomatoes Successfully Despite Cold Temperatures and Rain

You can have success growing tomatoes in cold wet weather. Even if you’re growing tomatoes in cold wet weather, it is possible harvest great fruit. But, it may require some extra careful gardening practices. And, you may need to choose tomatoes cultivated for shorter climates like Seattle tomato growers have learned to love. First, choose… Read more »

When is the Right Time to Harvest Winter Squash?

Wondering when to harvest your winter squash? If you’re still wondering when to harvest those winter squash and pumpkins, you’re not alone. Knowing when to harvest winter squash can be a stumper! But we’ve got some simple tips to help you know when your winter squash is at its peak to harvest. First, let’s clarify… Read more »

Learn how to grow garlic & harvest garlic successfully

You can learn how to grow garlic! It isn’t hard to learn how to grow garlic. And, this is one of the most rewarding crops gardeners can grow. But, getting it to produce big bulbs that store well takes timing and patience. We’ve been growing our own garlic for decades. Because we’ve been growing our… Read more »

Why are my Squash Flowering but not Producing?

Do squash flowers need to be pollinated? Squash flowers do need to be pollinated in order to produce squash. Moreover, the flowers on your squash plant are a combination of male flowers and female squash flowers. So even if your squash are flowering, they may not produce a good harvest if your squash flower and… Read more »

Why Grow Borage in Your Garden

Why grow borage in your garden? We really can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to grow borage in your garden! Yes, borage may be a little bit prickly-fuzzy. But that’s easy to get past. That’s because easy-to-grow borage has so many wonderful qualities to offer! Top 10 reasons we grow borage: If… Read more »