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Dealing with Powdery Mildew on Cucumbers & Squashes

Wondering if you have powdery mildew on squash and cucumbers? Wondering if those white spots on your squash, zucchini, melon or cucumber is powdery mildew? Before you freak out and decide your crop is a goner, take a look at these: This is NOT powdery mildew on squash and cucumbers. The following image is what… Read more »

Blossom End Rot & Poor Pollination Solutions

Is it blossom end rot rotting your crops? If you’re asking yourself “why are the bottoms of my tomatoes black”? Or if you’re wondering how you fix black bottoms on tomatoes, what’s causing your veggies to rot may be blossom end rot. And we’ll get into how you can fix black bottoms on tomatoes in this… Read more »

How to Harvest & Eat Your Broccoli Leaves Recipe

Looking for broccoli leaves recipes? We’ve listed a couple of tasty, printable broccoli leaves recipes later in this post. Plus, we’ve also included tips on how to harvest broccoli leaves if you’re growing your own vegetables. That’s because so many gardeners are growing your own food. Too, we’ve added a number of links to help… Read more »

Cabbage Butterfly Eggs: Squish’m Young!

Cabbage butterfly eggs lead to destroyed crops! Cabbage butterfly eggs are laid by adult white butterflies. Cabbage moth is a misnomer! These butterflies also have two black dots on each wing. While they may look like moths, these are actually butterflies! What time of year do cabbage butterflies lay their eggs? These white butterflies are… Read more »

How to Grow Cilantro & Coriander

It’s easy to grow cilantro from seed. Did you know when you grow cilantro from seed, you’re planting coriander. And by that I mean that coriander seed is the same as cilantro seed. Yep! They’re the same plant! In fact, some people even refer to cilantro as coriander and visa versa. That’s fine, but it… Read more »