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All things about growing food in the garden including herbs, vegetables, fruits, farming, foraging and medicinal plants.

What to Do When Leafy Greens Begin to Flower

Are your leafy greens flowering? In most cases I advocate harvesting and eating leafy greens like kale before they begin to flower. In fact, try growing and eating leafy greens with this recipe. That’s because once the plant begins to form flower heads, the stems toughen up. And then the leaves begin to taste bitter.… Read more »

Growing Lilikoi – aka Passion Fruit – in Seattle

Successfully growing passion fruit is exciting! And we’re talking about growing passion fruit (aka lilikoi), not just lovely passion flowers. Those blooms are gorgeous. But passionfruit is an extra delicious reward. Why grow passion fruits and passion flowers? Lilikoi fruit is unlike any other fruit. And, usually, you’ll find it in abundance in tropical locations… Read more »

Shade Vegetable Garden Secrets

Growing a shade vegetable garden really is possible if you choose the right food crops. Trying to cultivate tomatoes or zucchini in deep shade isn’t likely to work, so don’t waste your time failing with those. Instead, try some of these great performers for your dark corners! Choose leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, kale or… Read more »

Best Tomatoes to Grow

Looking for the best tomatoes to grow? We’ve put together a short list of the best tomatoes to grow. Or, at least these are our favorites. And, we’ve been growing tomatoes for decades. So, we’ve included some sugary cherries, succulent slicers, all-purpose all-stars, container performers, and pastes with aplomb. Plus, we’ll even discuss tomatoes you… Read more »