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Thanksgiving Herbs from Your Garden

Top Thanksgiving herbs for your garden! Even in late November, we’ll be digging through our garden beds, foraging for herbs and other edible bits to serve on our Thanksgiving table. In fact, we have intentionally planted herbs for Thanksgiving specifically. That’s because these these plants usually offer fresh harvests this time of year. And they’re… Read more »

Growing Tomatoes Successfully Despite Cold Temperatures and Rain

You can have success growing tomatoes in cold wet weather. Even if you’re growing tomatoes in cold wet weather, it is possible harvest great fruit. But, it may require some extra careful gardening practices. And, you may need to choose tomatoes cultivated for shorter climates like Seattle tomato growers have learned to love. First, choose… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Blueberries Go to the Birds!

A better way for keeping birds out of blueberries! We’ve come up with a simple and inexpensive technique for keeping birds out of blueberries. Instead of netting, we’re now using sheer, semi-opaque curtain panels and clothes pins. That’s because, these hold up to wind and rain. And they’re easy to open and close. Plus, they’re… Read more »

How to Harvest Basil Season by Season

When you know how to harvest basil correctly, your plants will give much longer. When you know how to harvest basil, your plants will produce for a long time. But, often new gardeners pick leaves the wrong way. And they do this by simply plucking any random leaf off the plant. But when basil is… Read more »

Radish Maggots – Getting to the Root of the Problem

Are your radishes full of radish maggots? There’s nothing quite so nasty as pulling up radishes full of wormy radish maggots. As you might expect from a maggot, these are the immature phase of a type of fly. So, this larvae is from an egg laid by a tiny fly. And because the flies are… Read more »