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All things about growing food in the garden including herbs, vegetables, fruits, farming, foraging and medicinal plants.

Growing Corn Successfully in Seattle

Dreaming of growing corn in Seattle? We’ve have luck growing corn in Seattle. And we’ve had luck growing corn in very small spaces. But, to get a decent crop of corn from your vegetable garden, you’ll need to follow a few key steps. To grow corn successfully, sunlight really matters. First, site your corn in… Read more »

Grow Nasturtium & Eat’m Too!

Grow nasturtiums, and you’ll be cultivating a multipurpose beauty! We always grow fluffy mounds of annual, orange, yellow and red nasturtiums gracing the edges of our food garden on the farm. And, we pluck their generous blooms to decorate dinner salads, and their abundant leaves helped fill our bowls as well. Do you get grossed… Read more »

Harvest Carrots & Avoid Sawfly Infestations

Carrot pests ruining your crop? If so, carrot sawfly may have found your garden. While these flying insects can be great pollinators carrot family plants, their larvae can destroy the same crops. So that means this insect can be carrot pests. And they can be problematic for cilantro and dill as well. Worst of all,… Read more »

Growing Eggplant Successfully in Cooler Climates

It is possible to grow eggplant in cooler climates! In the cool PacNW growing eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and other nightshades successfully can be tricky. That’s because these crops thrive in hot climates, which we really don’t have. Instead, we enjoy relatively mild weather year-round. And true summer doesn’t seem to really arrive until the middle… Read more »

Beans – Good for Birds, Bees, Bellies, Beauty & More

REDIRECTED Beans — not only are they brain-dead easy to grow & tasty-good, but they’re environmentally beneficial too! Beans start readily from seed. I’d never recommend buying a bean plant as a start. (And, yes, sometimes I do suggest new gardeners begin with starts for many plants.) Even a newbie gardener will find that beans… Read more »