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All things about growing food in the garden including herbs, vegetables, fruits, farming, foraging and medicinal plants.

Small Space Broccoli Growing Success

Growing broccoli in small gardens can result in abundant harvests! Here’s how we’ve been able bring in big crops by growing broccoli in small garden beds. A key ingredient to your garden’s success is in the soil. Begin by getting a soil test completed to determine what your soil needs. Adding lime and nitrogen-rich fertilizers… Read more »

Farmer’s Market Black Truffles

REDIRECTED I often talk about foraging my way through my local farmer’s market and around my neighborhood during harvest time. It’s not true foraging like the folks at Foraged and Found do. They really get out in the woods and find wild treasures. When I’m “foraging” at the farmer’s market, I make sure to stop… Read more »

Fusarium Killing Capsaicinoids

REDIRECTED What in the world does that mean, right? Well, it means that a University of Washington team of biologists who study peppers has shown that the spiciness in peppers (from capsaicinoid chemicals) gives peppers the ability to fight off fusarium, which is a nasty and quite prevalent plant fungus. Apparently, these chemicals also help… Read more »