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All things about growing food in the garden including herbs, vegetables, fruits, farming, foraging and medicinal plants.

Michelle Obama Reminds Us Gardening Can Improve Our Health

  REDIRECTED This year I’ve had a huge increase in requests for edible garden design and education programs relating to gardening with edibles. I know quite a few of these new clients are interested because of the vegetable garden the Obamas added to the White House earlier this year. Fortunately, my earliest gardening work was… Read more »

Sorrel — My New Favorite Leafy Green Herb

REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 Recently my pre-teen niece came to visit. She’s always been a picky eater, and as she approaches her teen years she’s at least tasting some new things. She never likes the new things, but at least she’s giving into my pleas to, “Come on…just one little bite. You don’t have to eat it… Read more »

Drought Tolerant Edible Garden

Many gardeners are asking for more drought tolerant edible gardens. Gardeners seeking drought tolerant edible gardens often look for more than just low water. In fact, they usually tack on a request for low maintenance as well. Unfortunately, achieving all three goals: low water needs, edible, and easy care gardening doesn’t fall into lock-step with… Read more »

Peach Tree Disease Management Diary

I always dreamed of having a peach tree in my garden. When I was a child growing up on a farm, we didn’t have peaches, but I always wanted them. So, just after we bought our first home, I visited a local nursery to buy a tree for the new garden. I bought the tree… Read more »

Edible Amaranthus – Tasty, Beautiful & Nutritious

Ever tried edible amaranth is your garden? We are a greens eatin’ household, so I’m always looking for new-to-us tasty leaves to grow for the table. This year, we seeded Heirloom edible Amaranthus tricolor from Botanical Interests. No regrets, and we’ll grow it again, but here’s what I’ll do better next time. This plant loves… Read more »