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How to Thin Apple Tree Fruit

Wondering how to thin tree fruit in your orchard? Knowing why and how to thin tree fruit is important. And, it’s important to thin tree fruit on all sorts of orchard trees. That’s because doing this pruning taste helps improve your harvest. And it may help your tree’s overall health. It may seem counterproductive to… Read more »

Pea Weevils – The Ugly Truth

Are pea weevils ruining your peas & beans? Have you been noticing notching on the leaves of some of your pea plants. Or perhaps some of your bean crops have munches leaves. This could be the work of pea weevils. Or is it just birds doing the damage? Often birds will sit on pea trellises… Read more »

Are You Getting Suckered Out of Tomatoes?

Not sure why or how to prune tomato suckers? Many don’t know about tomato suckers. And, often new gardeners don’t understand how, when, where and why to prune out vigorous tomato growth. Plus, many aren’t sure if every tomato really needs to be pruned. But, in many cases, pruning out tomato suckers will result in… Read more »