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All things about growing food in the garden including herbs, vegetables, fruits, farming, foraging and medicinal plants.

How to Ripen Tomatoes Successfully

Figuring out how to ripen tomatoes can be tricky. But, it’s not impossible to know how to ripen tomatoes. And, that’s true even in short, cool, wet climates like we have in the Pacific Northwest. First, choose the best varieties for where you grow. We’ve put together a list of the best tomatoes to grow… Read more »

Successfully Growing Fruitful Lilikoi in Seattle

Growing passionfruit in pots may help you get fruits. By growing passionfruit in pots, we’ve been able to bring in harvests even in chilly Seattle. That’s because we can protect potted plants from winter deep freezes. But, just any old pot won’t do for this plant. That’s because Passiflora plants want to grow expansive roots.… Read more »

Hazel? Are you Nuts?

We learned how to grow hazelnut trees from our grandparents I learned a lot about how to grow hazelnut trees from my grandparents. That’s because they retired to small house in Oregon that was surrounded by commercial hazelnut orchards. Together we would walk through the trees, and they would tell me about how simple these… Read more »

Growing Cabbage Successfully in Small Spaces

Growing cabbage in small spaces isn’t hard to do. If you want to try growing cabbage in your small spaces, we can help. That’s because we’ve grown lots of cabbages in small vegetable garden plots. Traditional cabbage plants take up quite a bit of space. But, many gardeners only have a small vegetable pot. But,… Read more »

Grow Perennial Food Gardens

Are perennial food gardens right for you? Have you considered that growing perennial food gardens might make your life easier? Consider this: as soon as the calendar tuns to the new year, gardeners dig into plans for their annual food gardens. They sow seeds indoors under lights well before spring and begin sowing hardier cool… Read more »