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Garden & Herbalist Education Programs

Interested in Classes on Making Herbal Products & Decor Yourself? We’ve been teaching gardeners interested in classes on making herbal products for years. Not only do we offer online courses in herbalism and herbal making. But we also provide small group,  hands-on sessions in how to make your own herbal body products as well. Plus,… Read more »

Gardening Classes in Skagit

Join us for Gardening Classes in Skagit! We’re excited to share our gardening classes in Skagit. These helpful gardening workshops are conveniently located in Skagit locations like Bow, WA on Blanchard Mountain farm. So if you’re looking for in person gardening classes near Mount Vernon, La Conner, Bellingham, Anacortes or Burlington, join us! Jump to… Read more »

Christmas Bird Count

Curious about joining a Christmas Bird Count? Since the turn of the last century, Seattlites and others near and far have been gathering in flocks to count birds for the Birds Connect Seattle‘s (formerly the Seattle Audubon Society) Christmas Bird Count. Each year since 1908 novice-to-advanced birders spend part or all of one day in… Read more »

Gardening Advice from Pros

Ever wish you could go back in time to give your younger self gardening advice you’ve learned with age? Well, Theresa Loe of Living Homegrown invited eight top gardening pros (me included) asking us what we’d tell our younger selves if we could go back in time. Living Homegrown Podcast: Essential Garden Lessons with 8 Experts And,… Read more »

Garden coaching & other services with us

Our garden coaching services are a little different now. We have offered premiere garden coaching services for nearly two decades. And we are dedicated to continue to help you continue to grow as gardeners. That’s because gardening is a great way to get outside, exercise and keep as healthy as we can. What today’s garden… Read more »