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Montpelier Garden Tour

Montpelier began as a plantation… Montpelier was the plantation home of President James Madison and the first First Lady, Dolly Madison. Even then, their large property boasted many horticultural features including a house garden filled with both ornamental and edible plants. The plantation became a chemical family’s estate… Later, it was acquired by the DuPont… Read more »

A-Z Garden Tours & Getaway Guide

Join us for armchair, online garden tours. Who can resist beautiful online garden tours? When we tour a special garden, we try to share our experience through words and photographs for you. Plus, sometimes we even host a live garden tour event. So, to make it easier for you to find the great spots we’ve… Read more »

W(h)ining About USDA Quarantine Protocols

    Over the weekend I had wine-on-the-mind. My best friends were celebrating the release of their 2007 Domanico Cellars red wines; they’ve been making wine for several years now and are really coming into their own. It’s exciting to see their success and to enjoy their fantastic wines. So, as I was sipping a… Read more »

Growing a Greener World TV in My Garden

Growing a Greener World Garden TV Show Features Our Garden! Growing a Greener World TV Show features Garden Mentors  home garden more than once. If you don’t already know this PBS and online gardening program is a popular PBS television program featuring gardeners and gardening. Why would host Joe Lamp’l Feature Our Gardens? One of the first… Read more »

Take a Trip Through the Canopy: Treeverse

REDIRECTED Earlier this year, Garden Mentors® decided to support a pair of tree guys and a camera crew in their journey to traverse a grove of endangered White Oaks in Oregon. Their plan: traverse the trees in a particular grove over the course of about a week without any assistance from the ground and without… Read more »