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Beat Cancer! Buy the Garden Book

REDIRECTED You want to beat cancer, right? Of course you do. We all do. In an effort to help defeat this illness for good, Garden Mentors is joining our dear friend, accomplished author and cancer survivor Jenny Peterson in putting a beat-down on cancer through donations. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2015) Jenny will… Read more »

Did You Know HGTV May Stop All Gardening Programming?

REDIRECTED Gardening blogs have been buzzing with rumors that HGTV is indeed cutting their gardening lineup. When I was shooting for Landscaper’s Challenge a while back, the production company did tell me that viewership of gardening programming was their lowest watched of all. Perhaps that’s the case, but I know empirically that viewers are out… Read more »

Cherry Tree Survey Study in the UK

  REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 The Natural History Museum is beginning a survey of cherry trees throughout the UK. They are calling on people in all walks of life and in all kinds of locations to report on cherry trees in their area. By mapping and then tracking performance of the various kinds of cherry trees and… Read more »

Handmade Herbal Body Products on Sale

Our handmade herbal body products are no longer available. Our full line of herbal body products had become so popular that we’d put them up for sale in a GardenMentorsDesigns Etsy shop. However, at this time our Etsy shop is on hold indefinitely. These herbal goodies are all inspired by our love of the natural world and… Read more »

Seattle Food Waste Composting

There’s a lot of buzz about food waste composting. Composting food waste and many paper products isn’t really a new thing in Seattle. In fact, most of Seattle has had the opportunity to put all food waste into curbside yardwaste pick up bins since as early as 2005, and as of 2009 composting became a city-wide… Read more »