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Less Words; More Action

This is my last every-Friday blog post. At least for a while. I’ve decided to channel my garden, food and environmental education outreach efforts in different directions going forward. Part of this change includes redirecting the many hours I have previously spent each week photographing, photo-editing, writing and promoting these blog articles. I’m beginning this week by dedicating my erstwhile blogging time… Read more »

Our Seattle House & Garden for Sale!

Updated 4/21/2016: In less than a week our Seattle home has sold. We’ll share more news in the weeks ahead. Current clients, don’t worry! We’re still here for you! After almost two decades, we have just listed our Seattle house for sale. Gardening enthusiasts shopping for a new home will love that our lovingly restored… Read more »

Garden Apps to Give & Geek On

There’s a handful of gardening apps that will have any gardener — from pro to novice — gladly smudging their pricey phone and pad gadgets with muck while working with shovel in one hand and app-filled gadget in the other. Whether your gardener works with veggies, design, bugs or vines, as the saying goes “there’s… Read more »