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Odd & unusual news from the natural world

Autumn is Coming

August went out with one big, wet, raging Hurrah! in our garden — a sure sign autumn is coming. All-night lightening, thunder and raging downpours hammering onto our roof and surging into leaf-clogged gutters turned the calendar page from August to September. Remnants of the storm lingered in the early September 1st morning. Streams raced through downhill… Read more »

The Hall of Fame Toy Any Gardener Can Give – The Stick!

  This year “The Stick” made it into the Toy Hall of fame. I found out about it when my sister emailed to tell me and my Toy-guru stepmom that she’d heard it reported on She reminded us of my nephew’s one request when they moved to a new neighborhood recently: “Mom, its got… Read more »

Are Lawns Adding to Global Warming?

  REDIRECTED From the pro-lawn camp, I often hear the argument that lawns are good for the environment because they help remove Carbon Dioxide from the environment. That they remove it may be true, but as I read today, it may turn out that the input costs in maintaining a lawn (or even worse, a… Read more »