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Odd & unusual news from the natural world

Muck This!

Muck! is my favorite four letter gardening word. Gardening in muck what we face much of the year in the Pacific Northwest. That means muck’s what I wear for about 10+ months of the year.  Given this, I pretty much own the term. So Muck-it! I’m using this term with abandon from here on out.… Read more »

Autumn is Coming

August went out with one big, wet, raging Hurrah! in our garden — a sure sign autumn is coming. All-night lightening, thunder and raging downpours hammering onto our roof and surging into leaf-clogged gutters turned the calendar page from August to September. Remnants of the storm lingered in the early September 1st morning. Streams raced through downhill… Read more »

The Hall of Fame Toy Any Gardener Can Give – The Stick!

  This year “The Stick” made it into the Toy Hall of fame. I found out about it when my sister emailed to tell me and my Toy-guru stepmom that she’d heard it reported on She reminded us of my nephew’s one request when they moved to a new neighborhood recently: “Mom, its got… Read more »