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Dog and Garden Can Grow Harmoniously

Wondering how to stop your dog from destroying your garden? If your dog is ruining your yard or plants, you’re probably wondering how to stop your dog from destroying your garden. In fact, dogs can be incredibly destructive to gardens.  Some dig holes in all the wrong places. And others prefer to poop exactly where… Read more »

Gardening with Dogs – Diggers vs Invaders

REDIRECTED A large number of my clients get in touch specifically for their gardening with dogs challenges. Seattle’s a city well-known for having more canines than children. And, we’re also known for being avid gardeners. Fortunately, dogs and gardens are two of my biggest passions, and I very much believe (and have proven) that you… Read more »

Why Scoop Dog Poop

Why Scoop Dog Poop? You Ask… There are several answers to the ‘why scoop dog poop’ questions. And while there are many kinds of animal poop that may augment your garden, dog poop isn’t even close to being one of them. In fact, dog waste houses some nasty, toxic, sickening stuff. And even if it… Read more »

A Bird Feeder — For the Cats!

    A few weeks ago, I visited friends in Bellingham, Washington. They have a fantastic garden despite the deer that use it as their main thoroughfare (and their snacking gardens). It seems the humans and the deer have come to an agreement that the deer stay on the upper hillside and the people keep… Read more »