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Gardening with Cats

  Truly, as much as I love having a sweet kitty come rub and roll around me in the garden, I mostly wish they’d stay out. Recently, I was interviewed by pet columnist Lisa Wogan for a piece she put together on gardening with cats. She really pulled together a great article. I look forward… Read more »

Gardening with Puppies – Shear Delight!

    Having a new puppy will help anyone learn and grow. I’ve quickly come to understand that Basic training for dogs is really basic training for humans who live with dogs. Along with all the cool things we’re teaching Kula to understand with the help of our trainers came a trick the trainers didn’t… Read more »

Gardening with Puppies

  There’s a new baby in our house, and I’m incredibly distracted by her. Kula is her name and puppy fun is her game. As regular readers know, we had to say good-bye to our sick, aging Shiloh dog earlier this year. It was a painfully brutal time in our lives, and my garden may… Read more »

Gardening with Puppies – Can You Dig it?

    Over the years I’ve had all sorts of dogs. Some are diggers; some are not diggers. Some learn to dig; some are just born to dig. My new pup’s brain was apparently wired at a back-hoe factory. And she’s been showing off her innate talent more now that she’s getting older, braver &… Read more »

Remembering Shiloh and Those Who Came Before

  REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 I’ve had the pleasure of living with many, many dogs in my life. When I was born, my parents raised Great Danes. Josie, a breeding bitch, was my first best friend and pretend pony. She played with me in the garden, even saving my baby-life from at least one Cotton Mouth. Later,… Read more »