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Trying Training Wheel Shrubs for Pups

REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 So far Kula the puppy has been pretty great about the garden. She hasn’t destroyed the tender perennials coming up from the soil, and her brief period of digging has passed (for now). She seems content to hang out in the very small portion of the garden I’ve designated “the dog zone”. I’ve… Read more »

Cat Stuck in a Tree? Call an Arborist for Help!

Cat Stuck in a Tree? When your cat is stuck in a tree, what can you do to get it down? This is a common question. And arborist Katy Bigelow has answers to help! In fact, she’ll even come help you get your cat out of a tree. That’s because arborists are equipped to safely… Read more »

Bad Kitty Eats Tree

REDIRECTED I have a bad kitty. I used to have lots of indoor plants, but not anymore. Bad kitty chomps on them. The plants I do have indoors are now placed up high, out of his reach. Or they are plants he’s tried and learned he doesn’t like.  He has one favorite that I’m constantly… Read more »

Gardening with Puppies – Late May P’update

  REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 Well, Kula has discovered some fun, bad-dog pastimes in her garden: eating honeycomb & larvae, smashing shrubs while making out,  breaking & entering, and digging new trenches. Yep, for such a good girl, she’s got a bad streak in her. Well, maybe it isn’t really being bad. She’s really just doing what… Read more »

Kid Garden Party Ideas

Need the best Kid garden party ideas? Need some pruning done too? Want to wear out your Border Collie and entertain your adult friends at the same time? Well, look no further than these simple ideas for a party all the young bucks will be braying about for the entire summer. First the games! Put… Read more »