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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Ornamental Grasses Demystified

Having trouble choosing the perfect ornamental grass for your garden design? Choosing the perfect ornamental grasses for your garden can be challenging for a number of reasons. In fact, while some plants may have the word grass in their name, they aren’t actually grasses.  Instead, they may be sedges, rushes, lilies,or any number of other non-grass plants. And,… Read more »

Shrubs That Attract Bees & Other Pollinators

Let’s consider lots of bushes that attract bees! A really lovely choice among bushes that attract bees is Cotoneaster. That’s because in spring the billowing, off-white blossoms of Cotoneaster lacteus are bee magnets. And this includes honeybees, yellow jackets, tiny black bees, flies, wasps, and more. That’s because they can’t resist the bountiful nectar and… Read more »

Best Valentines Gifts for Gardeners

Looking for Valentines Gifts for Gardeners? If your beloved is a gardener, ignore tradition and go for some of our best Valentines gifts for gardeners ideas instead. In truth, most gardeners don’t want a grocery-store bouquet. So, skip those over-priced, fragrance-free red roses that probably traveled half-way around the world from a hothouse. In fact,… Read more »

Plant Profile: Akebia Quinata

One of our favorite vines for PacNW gardens is Akebia quinata Akebia also commonly known as the chocolate vine or vanilla vine. But, this beautiful, hardy plant won’t serve up your favorite ice cream flavors. However, it does provide solutions to a number of garden challenges. Plus, when it blooms, it fills the garden with… Read more »

Plant Profile: Bleeding Hearts

Wondering what to plant with bleeding hearts? If you’re wondering what to plant with bleeding hearts, you’re in luck! That’s because there are so many beautiful planting combinations to pair with these plants. In fact, it’s important to include a variety of plants with your Dicentra (aka bleeding hearts). Because if you don’t, your garden… Read more »