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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Amaryllis Advent Calendar

As another year draws to a close, I’m embarking on a newbie gardening adventure and invite you to join the fun via a virtual Amaryllis Advent Calendar – with chances to get some free gardening goodies; details later in this post, so keep reading! I’m always telling our gardening clients that part of being a… Read more »

Sweet Peas – From Volunteers to Saved Seed

Late last fall I noticed a couple of volunteer sweet pea plants in the garden. I decided not to pull them as I did my autumn clean up. I figured if they made it through winter, great. If they froze, well, they’d turn into fresh mulch for the garden. As they grew, for however long… Read more »

What Not to Eat: Poison Hemlock

A while back local news outlets began reporting that a woman in nearby Tacoma, Washington may have died from ingesting poison hemlock. The tale being told is she harvested it to eat – thinking it was actually something else. A wild carrot perhaps? Regardless, it was a deadly mistake nobody else should have to repeat… Read more »

Why I’m Happy When My Katsura Turns Brown

Fragrant trees offer an extra bit of wonderful when they bloom, but did you know some perfume the air each autumn during leaf fall? This morning, looking out the kitchen window at a stunning pink sunrise, my eye was torn between the beauty of said sunrise and the flashing brilliance of my sunshine-yellow Katsura. It… Read more »