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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Christmas Trees – Rent Now; Plant Later

Rental Christmas trees are all the rage. Why cut and buy when rental Christmas trees are an option? In fact, if you want to rent a tree for the holidays, you’re not alone. More eco-friendly folks are looking for holiday trees to plant later or recycle after the holidays. But, unfortunately, resources for these trees… Read more »

Plant Profile: 3 Pinks for Fall Garden Color

Want Pink Flowers that Bloom in Fall? When the season passes into autumn, do you want flowers that bloom pink in fall? Although many think of yellow, red and orange as fall colors, pink is great in fall too. Plus, pink flowers that bloom in fall blend beautifully with the burnt and fiery hues taking… Read more »

How to Make Maple Seed Messes Easier to Manage

Wondering how to clean up maple seeds? Those maple seed helicopters are no fun to clean up. But, maples are gorgeous trees worth growing. And, no, spraying your trees won’t help you clean up those maple seed messes.  So, what can you do to make cleaning up those pods easier? First, where do you need… Read more »

Managing Weeds: Creeping Buttercup

Need help managing buttercup that’s invaded your garden? We get a lot of requests for help managing buttercup. That’s because this creeping buttercup is a tenacious garden invader. And if you’re like many modern gardeners, you want to get rid of buttercup without herbicides. And you want to know how to get buttercups out of… Read more »

White Wildflowers: a Warning

Do you know your white wildflowers? There are any number of blooming white wildflowers. And, some are very distinct. But, others may be difficult to differentiate. For instance, can you tell the difference between relatively innocuous and possibly edible Queen Anne’s lace (Daucus carota) and its terribly toxic Apiaceae cousins poison hemlock (Conicum maculatum) or giant hogweed (Heracleum… Read more »