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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Plant Profile: Arbutus unedo

Arbutus unedo: a special tree for many gardens & reasons! Arbutus unedo is commonly called the strawberry tree. This lovely plant is a Mediterranean cousin to the NW native madrone and manzanitas. While not native to North America, this shrubby tree performs well in many Pacific Coast areas of the United States. We’ve enjoyed seeing… Read more »

Are Mushrooms in My Garden Bad?

Are mushrooms in your garden bad? Or good? We are always getting asked what mushrooms mean in our client’s gardens. In particular, we get this question a lot in fall and spring. And I get asked over and over again if the mushrooms popping up in gardens are harmful. The answer, in general, is that… Read more »

Dispose of this Daphne

Daphne laurel can be an awful weed. Most gardeners swoon at the mention of Daphne, but Daphne laurel isn’t one to keep! But don’t be confused by its many common names. In fact, this plant goes by many names such as spurge daphne, daphne laurel, and spurge laurel. So to be clear, it is a… Read more »

Plant Botanical Names Matter

Why do plant botanical names matter? I often find myself explaining why plant botanical names matter. In some cases, the conversation begins so clients buy exactly the plant name I’ve specified for them. In other situations, I’m met with a client who wants me to tell them if a plant they call by some obscure… Read more »

Why, When & How to Add Spring Flower Bulbs to Your Garden

How to Add Spring Flower Bulbs to Your Garden! When you know how to add spring flower bulbs to your garden, you’ll get lots of enjoyment! That’s because spring bulbs provide color, texture, and often fragrance to help remind us winter’s on the way out. So whether your garden beds are newly planted or already lush… Read more »