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Dandelion: Weed or Feed?

REDIRECTED 3/8/2022 Remember when you were a kid and dandelion seed heads were the key to making your wishes come true? Then, as you grew, you began seeing the bane of a perfectly manicured garden in those same golden flowers. Now you probably can’t even remember when or why your perspective changed so drastically. Today’s… Read more »

Managing Weeds in Seattle – Dandelions

Should you get rid of dandelions? Wondering if you should get rid of dandelions? Or maybe you want to know the benefits of dandelions. On the other hand, you might be curious about how to weed dandelions out of your garden and how to eat dandelions too. So let’s get answer all of these questions… Read more »

How to Remove Oxalis, the Wood Sorrel Weed

Need help getting rid of wood sorrel weeds? Do you have wood sorrel weeds or another shamrock looking Oxalis in your garden? Before you decide your wood sorrel weeds need to go, identify which shamrock you have. That’s because besides the bemoaned wood sorrel weed, there are other desirable Oxalis you may want to keep… Read more »

Managing Weeds: Yellow Archangel

Is yellow archangel weed (aka Lamium or Lamiastrum galeobdolon) taking over your garden beds? Yellow archangel used to be for sale in many nurseries. But now yellow archangel is recognized as an invasive weed. Fortunately, we’re seeing less and less of this Class B Noxious weed is being sold these days. But, yellow lamium is… Read more »

Managing Weeds: Morning Glory Bindweed

Morning glory bindweed eradication is possible. Morning glory bindweed is a difficult weed to remove. But it is possible to control bindweed. And the best ways to get rid of bindweed is organically.  So if you’re looking for how to get rid of bindweed, we’ve got lots of helpful information. In fact, we’ve included what… Read more »